The Dallas Psychoanalytic Center provides full training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis to qualified candidates. The Professional Development programs of the Center teach psychoanalytic principals to other mental health professionals and community members. The DPC is affiliated with the American Psychoanalytic Association.
First NameLast NameDegree(s)DPC Membership CategoryAccepting PatientsPhoneEmail
Baer M. Ackerman MD Graduate Analyst Yes 972-422-2008, #4
Kenneth Altshuler MD Emeritus Analyst No 214-648-5588
Lorie Ammon LPC, CGP Active Candidate Yes 972-638-0905
Tiffany Anthony MD Active Candidate No
Jonna Barta PhD Active Candidate Yes 214-629-6986
B. James (Jim) Bennett MD Graduate Analyst Yes 972-233-5455
Sarah Rabb Bennett LCSW Graduate Analyst Yes 972-991-4534
Robert (Bob) Bennett MD Graduate Analyst Yes 972-386-7979
Joan E. Berger PhD Graduate Analyst Yes 972-239-9014
Jason Berman PhD Advanced Candidate Yes 214-929-9244
Andrew Berry PhD, PsyD, ABPP Graduate Analyst Yes 518-393-9636
Diane F. Birk MD Emeritus Yes 972-387-4747
Adam M. Brenner MD Graduate Analyst No 214-648-7054
Fannie Brito MD Leave of Absence Candidate No
Sabrina Browne MD PPPP Student No 214-648-0784
Emily Cates EdM Advanced Candidate Yes 214-680-0985
J. Christian (Chris) Cather MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-365-0005
Thomas Christian PhD, LMSW, MA, BA, MSSW Leave of Absence Candidate Yes 254-366-5342
Victoria Coburn MS, LPC-S Graduate Analyst Yes 214-696-9333
V. Frank Cody MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-750-0911
E. Nicole Cooper MD Clinical Affiliate No
Jeff Courtman LPC PPPP Student No 469-206-1686
Mary Crutchfield MD Active Candidate Yes 972-771-3969 X224
Radhika Dani MD Advanced Candidate Yes 832-277-3342
Elizabeth Danze Active Candidate No
Geraldine "Geri" Disnard MSN, MPH, PMHNP-BC Clinical Affiliate No 817-694-4978
Cristin Dooley PhD Active Candidate No
Constance (Connie) D. Engels MSSW Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-750-8488 X2
Harry Monroe (Monty) Evans PhD Graduate Analyst Yes
Noelle McDonald Fischer PhD Active Candidate Yes 214-363-4412
Rhoda S. Frenkel MD Emeritus Analyst Yes 214-352-4559
Joseph D. (Joe) Gaspari MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-369-6335
Clair Gioia PhD Clinical Affiliate No
Fred Gioia MD Active Candidate Yes 469-283-8580
Herbert Gomberg MD Graduate Analyst No 214-691-8606
Fred L. Griffin MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-363-0800
Whitney Hagan MD Active Candidate No
Yaprak Harrison MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-345-7355
Chris Heath MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-696-5015
Scott Hickman PsyD Active Candidate No
Mark A. Hokamp LCSW Graduate Analyst Yes 940-387-3093
Ashley Horn MS, NCC, LPC PPPP Student No 469-206-1667
Irving Humphrey MD Graduate Analyst No 972-404-8677
Ameena Isa MD Active Candidate No
Catherine Johnson Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-543-3698
Miki Johnston LCSW, MSW Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-727-5092
John N. Kamphaus MD Graduate Analyst Yes 972-422-2008
Judith P. (Judy) Kane MD Graduate Analyst Yes 817-488-6371
Tina Kaviani MD Leave of Absence Candidate Yes 469-224-7248
Urszula Kelley MD Graduate Analyst - Psychoanalytic Scholar Yes 469-303-5900
Michael Laney MD Active Candidate No 817-995-4547
Myron Lazar PhD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-691-1153 972-979-2779 (cell--preferred)
Jerry M. Lewis, III MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-373-6194
Marc S. Litle MD, PA Graduate Analyst Yes 214-361-8384
Gary L. Malone MD Graduate Analyst Yes 817-481-2767
Gayle E. Marshall MSSW, LCSW Graduate Analyst Yes 214-361-4717
Gerald A. (Jerry) Melchiode MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-288-3220
Mark Muecke MA Active Candidate No
Michelle Murray MS Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-631-9676
Jeff Napier PsyD PPPP Student No 214-531-4750
Scott M. Nelson PhD Graduate Analyst Yes 972-233-6301
Lynda Newman PhD Advanced Candidate Yes 972-239-9015
Jill Nichols PhD Advanced Candidate Yes 972-930-0189
Maya Peris MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-691-4988
Travis Phifer (1948-2016) MD Posthumous Psychoanalytic Scholar No
Duane Purcell MD Corresponding Analyst No 817-924-1036
Joan Danze Raff LCSW Active Candidate Yes 214-706-9100
Namrata Rao MD Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-373-4600
Marc L. Rathbun PhD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-750-7117
Maryam Rezai MD Graduate Analyst Yes
Laura Robertson Active Candidate No
Susan Rosenberg LCSW Active Candidate Yes 214-957-1002
Wolfgang Rosenfeldt MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-384-0133
Dale Roskos PhD Advanced Candidate Yes 214-522-5400
S. Richard (Dick) Roskos MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-522-5400
Stephen W. (Steve) Scherffius MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-219-7442
Carissa Scott PhD Clinical Affiliate Yes 817-797-2200
Leslie Secrest MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-345-7355
Joe Shaw LPC Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-923-7952
Amy Sheinberg PhD Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-361-0660
C. Allen Stringer MD Graduate Analyst - Psychoanalytic Scholar No 214-370-1301
Stephanie Swales Ph.D. Clinical Affiliate Yes 469-426-4632
Donna Tarver LCSW Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-691-2171
Renata Teixeira LPC, MEd Clinical Affiliate Yes 214-733-9565
Angelica Tratter Ph.D. Clinical Affiliate No 214-350-5980
Christy Tucker PhD Active Candidate Yes 512.923.8825
Mark P. Unterberg MD Graduate Analyst Yes 214-373-8990
Carol Mason Wolfe MEd Clnical Affiliate No 214-321-9155, Ext. 104
Mary L. Wyant MD Graduate Analyst Yes 817-410-2600
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